Next Dates:

  • Winterthur: 09.01. - 10.01.2019 (Part 1)
  • Winterthur: 30.01. - 31.01.2019 (Part 2)
  • Stuttgart: 21.01. - 24.01.2019 (waiting list)
  • Hamburg: 04.02. - 07.02.2019

With a booking of 3 participants we can provide the training on site at your location of choice.


Training program:

Day 1: Administration and operation

  1. Introduction in BizTalk Server
  2. Installing BizTalk
  3. Creating BizTalk database and jobs and optimize them
  4. Deployment of a BizTalk solution
  5. Simple scenario, administration and troubleshooting
  6. Monitoring of operations with System Center

Day 2: Development I

  1. Schemes
  2. Maps
  3. Pipelines
  4. Using Adapter
  5. Orchestrations

Day 3: Development II

  1. Automating business processes
  2. Developing transactional business processes
  3. Using Business Rules (BRE)
  4. Business Activity Monitoring

Day 4: Special topics in BizTalk 2016

  1. Improved Adapters
  2. Improved hybrid connections
  3. HA Implementation with SQL Always On

BizTalk Server Training
(development and administration) 

In our four- day course, you will learn how to build robust, performant and high-available BizTalk Server solutions. Additionally you will learn efficiently develop, monitor and administer solutions with BizTalk.

4 days of hands –on training

First of all, you will be introduced to the basics of the BizTalk development. After the development of a basic scenario, you will also be introduced to individual modules on the basis of concrete practice examples. In this case, you will focus on the following points:

  • Messaging
  • Orchestration
  • Business Activity Monitoring

You will learn to use several adapters of the BizTalk Server and finally, you will learn how to roll out and maintain BizTalk solutions in an efficient way.

We will show you the best practice approaches for the installation and configuration of the BizTalk Server. These approaches, such as reliability, performance and efficient administration with BizTalk Server, have proven themselves in over 400 projects and can be guaranteed.

Training material

You will receive comprehensive training materials with specific BizTalk tutorials that include a hard disc with a virtual machine on it. There you will install the BizTalk Server on and develop the training scenarios.

 Training dates and registration

You receive comprehensive personal training material: documentation, hard drive with virtual machine, BizTalk Server Developer Edition etc.

In addition to the regular training dates in Stuttgart, Cologne and Zurich, we also offer individual training courses on request.

In our training we have a maximum of 5 seats and currently the demand is very high, so please call us as early as possible.

With 3 or more participants we can offer you a personal training session at your site. Please contact us for further information.