Unser bewährtes Business Integration Framework für Ihre indivduelle Best-Practice-Lösungen


Unsere Business Integration Suite mit fertigen Produktlösungen für

  • EDI

  • CRM-Integration

  • X400-Kommunikation



Save cost and time in your development using the packaged product solution by QUIBIQ (based on BizTalk Server and Azure)

We have bundled our large project experience and the practices in packaged product Solutions called QUIBIQ Business Integration Suite (QUIBIS).QUIBIS consists of the Best-Practices that have proven themselves in the variety of our BizTalk projects and recurrent scenarios (for example: EDI-development, CMR-integration etc.). The use of QUIBIS within your BizTalk projects has the following advantages:

  • Reduction of project times
  • Significantly reducing of development costs
  • Robust, administration-friendly base architecture
  • Flexible, individual, customizable and extensible

QUIBIS EDI enriches EDI capabilities of BizTalk Server  

In QUIBIS EDI we bundled the experiences, best practices and reusable components by QUIBIQ from a variety of EDI projects to a complete EDI basic system. All non-technical Business nedds around an EDI Server will be covered out-of-the-box using based on BizTalk.

QUIBIS CRM is the solution for CRM integration which is based on BizTalk Server

QUIBIS CRM enables a fast, professional and cost-effective implementation of your CRM integration projects to any Backend-System using BizTalk Server.

QUIBIS CRM is developed from the experience of many CRM integration projects.

QUIBIS X400 enables BizTalk Server to use the X400 protocoll

QUIBIS X400 simplifies the complex X.400 messaging in BizTalk Server:

  • seamlessly integrated into BizTalk Server
  • configurable and monitorable from BizTalk
  • all X.400 protocol functions are covered

QUIBIS ADMIN allows for mobile administration of BizTalk server

With QUIBIS Admin you have a mobile access to the administration console of your BizTalk Server, at any time and from anywhere with your Windows phone, easy and secure. It’s a real workload for your BizTalk-Server-Admin.

QUIBIS ISB is Integration as a Service in and with the cloud

QUIBIS ISB is a complete solution bus which is based on Windows Azure. It runs completely in the cloud and can be locally connected via plugs, secure and performant with any system you want. Using QUIBIS ISB integration is a service with every advantage of the cloud.