We make IT smart ... 
... by integrating it via BizTalk Server and the Microsoft platform

A mobile phone becomes a smartphone by its being connected to other applications. In today's complex application landscapes that is exactly what ultimately makes a corporate IT platform smart as well. Thus, our customers realize significant competitive advantages by seamlessly integrating applications, systems and other enterprises - efficiently benefitting from:

  • faster business processes
  • consistent information across systems
  • ability to flexibly integrate business partners into own business processes
  • transparency in real time (process intelligence)
  • seamless handling of different channels (multi/omni-channel retailing e.g.)

QUIBIQ is the competence leader for integration based on BizTalk Server

Since its foundation QUIBIQ is fully focused on the development of integration solutions and seamlessly integrated applications based on BizTalk Server and the Microsoft platform. This unique specialization and the experience from over 400 projects have made QUIBIQ the competence leader for integration solutions in the German speaking area.

  • Technological competence regarding the respective Microsoft technologies - often working with them since their very first versions: 
    - BizTalk Server since version BizTalk Server 2000
    - SQL Server (ETL, SSIS and mass data processing) since SQL Server 2000
    - .Net (WF, WCF) since .Net 1.0
    - Windows Azure (Service Bus, Mobile Connect, Stream Analytics) since first private previews
  • Methodical competence: with QUIBIF - the QUIBIQ Business Integration Framework –we have developed a methodology to successfully handle integration projects - proven in more then 400 instances
  • Solution competence: meeting even complex requirements „in-time“ and „in-budget“ in the areas
    - EAI - seamlessly connected applications
    - EDI - efficient electronic business transactions with partners- 
    - ESB - loosly coupling of systems and capabilities
    - BPM - automation of business processes
    - Dynamics Integration - seamlessly integrate Dynamics CRM, AX and NAV with BizTalk
    - Individual Software - develop and seamlessly integrate your custom software into existing systems

Excellent Connections provided with BizTalk Server

With more than 400 projects in the area of EAI, EDI, ESB und BPM we have helped well reknown companies to successfully realize the competitive adavantages of better integration: